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Lobster Tales

If you're looking for ways to bake or boil lobster, this book offers no recipes, and no apologies for not including any. However, if you're looking for some deliciously funny myths and legends about everyone's favorite crustacean, this is the book to get. Inside you'll discover the Abominable Snow Lobster, prehistoric fur-covered lobsters, lobster satellites, and house-broken pet lobsters, among many others.

Published by North Wind Publishing, Lobster Tales is available for $10.95 through North Wind Publishing or Amazon Books.

Original drawings from the book are available for sale $300 each.


Ready Aim Fire

11" X 17" Print $20.00
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Proper use of this poster will increase men's aim to 37%

Belfast Summer

$30.00 plus $5.00 Postage and handling.

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park

$30.00 plus $5.00 Postage and handling.

Snowy Walk

Print 12" X 18"
$50.00 plus $5.00 Postage and handling.

Mathew's Dream

Watercolor 16" X 16"
Archival Print $75.00 plus $10.00 Postage and handling .

Oddfellow Hall, Belfast

Watercolor 12X 16"
Archival Print $75.00 plus $10.00 Postage and handling .